Freedom Farmers Fabric Pot

Freedom Farmers Fabric Pot Maximise Root Health, Air Flow – roots thrive on oxygen | 100% Recyclable | Reuseable | UV Resistant

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Freedom Farmers Fabric Pot is all about freeing your roots from the stresses that come with conventional container growing. Due to its high porosity, the breathable material of the pots maximises root zone aeration and drainage, improving root health and nutrient absorption. Gas exchange therefore not only occurs through the upper surface of the container but also through the sides. Evaporative cooling also takes place at the surfaces (sides) of the pot, buffering excessive temperature increases when growing in full sun. The breathability of Freedom Pots prevents root circling by allowing roots to self-prune, increasing the density of fresh root tips. This postpones root bound symptoms and alleviates transplant shock. Optimising root zone conditions is paramount to maximising your plant’s performance.

We use a durable geotextile fabric for the manufacturing of our Freedom Pots. Geotextiles are 100% recyclable and completely safe for use as a planting container. Being quite inert, nothing leaches from the fabric into your soil or the surrounding groundwater. The geotextiles we use are also resistant to UV damage and general weathering. Due to the durability and toughness of the fabric, Freedom Pots can be reused multiple times. The pots are Machine washable, although hand washing recommended.


Freedom Farmers


5ℓ, 10ℓ, 15ℓ, 20ℓ, 40ℓ, 70ℓ, 100ℓ, 200ℓ


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