Jiffy Preforma Glue Plugs

Jiffy Preforma Glue Plugs are the future of propagation. Reportedly faster rooting times, more roots and healthier clones.

Already pre-soaked and highly aerated; no netting around substrate promotes better rooting.

Dimension: 22.5mm x 43mm
Substrate: Peat and Coco Fiber mix

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Propagation plug, cutting/clone/seed starter plug

Jiffy Glue Plugs are supplied pre-moistened so there’s no need to soak in water before use.

Filled with high quality and pH neutral coco coir and peat, they ensure clones stay moist.
The substrate is extra fine and fluffy, and highly aerated. A perfect environment for healthier roots.
All plugs are manufactured following strict quality control.

Made in Denmark for gardening enthusiasts. Expand your garden with ease using Jiffy Glue Plugs for the propagation of seeds and cuttings. These clone plugs are pre-moistened and treated with beneficial bacteria.

Jiffy Glue Plugs are made from a coco peat substrate known as preforma. This superior substrate structure holds water extremely well and the absence of a net around the plug allows the roots to develop optimally after potting on. The 30x50mm propagation plugs have to stick holes that can handle larger cuttings. The substrate holds together well, making it suitable for hydroponic systems.

Fits perfectly into the ROOT!T Cloning Dome Tray – 60 Holes

Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.24 × 4.4 cm


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