Biodyne Liquid Gold

Biodyne Liquid Gold: Soil feeding the play ~ Plant feeding the soil.

Plant Growth Promotion: Several microbes have the ability to release hormones or hormone-like products that stimulate growth and other developmental activities.

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Biodyne Liquid Gold

Nitrogen Fixation: Several microbes can convert freely available atmospheric nitrogen into the cannabis plant.

Nitrogen Mineralization: Several microbes can convert soil born nitrogen into a form available for your cannabis plant.

Phosphorus Solubilization: Several microbes have the ability to solubilize otherwise insoluble phosphorus and make it available to the marijuana plant.

Surfactant Production: Several microbes can reduce the surface tension to free up more organic and inorganic nutrients.

Micronutrient Availability: Several microbes have the ability to enhance micronutrient availability including siderophore production to help attract iron to the dagga plant.

Degradation capabilities: Several microbes have the ability to degrade: Cellulose; Lignin; Chitin; Starch & other compounds present in the soil – improving soil health.






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