It can be easily installed on any type of hydroponic system and is capable of managing up to 2500 litres of solution.

Features and Functionality Nido Pro – Nido One

  • Automatic control and adjustment of the EC, pH and solution temperature values.
  • Control of climatic values of temperature and relative humidity of indoor cultivation environments.
  • Four slots dedicated to host fertilizers and pH regulators that can be used both with three-component formulations (a + b + c + pH less) -or with A + B + pH less + pH plus formulations.
  • Regulation and control through Smart Plug of all devices for indoor cultivation such as lights, air extractors, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, heaters, air conditioners and pumps for irrigation.
  • Possibility of cultivation through pre-configured recipes suitable for different types of plants or in completely manual mode for more experienced growers.
  • USB socket for connecting a webcam to always have an eye on your plants.
  • Trend graphs over time of all climatic values and of the nutrient solution.
  • Indicator of the level of the solution.
  • Indicator of fertilizer consumption and pH regulators.
  • Electricity consumption indicator
  • Product warranty 2 years

What is in the Nido One package?

  • 2 wall-pass fittings + couplings for connection pipes + filter for incoming water
  • 2 plug-in valves for NIDO
  • 4 hose clamps
  • meters of a connecting tube
  • 1 PH Milwaukee probe
  • EC probe + NIDO TEMP
  • 2.5 meter cable + professional temperature / humidity probe
  • 1 optical water level probe
  • Nest access point to attach to an ethernet cable or modem/switch
  • 1 connecting network cable
  • power supply: NIDO access point
  • smart plug for device control (light or extractor or irrigation)
  • 1 brush for cleaning the probes
  • 4 nest ties to bind pipes and connections
  • 1 tip D.30 to make the water wall hole
  • 1 tip D.11 to drill the water level sensor hole